Roof Replacement in Cumming, GA


Our Services


Roof Inspections

A  roof inspection will be conducted upon arrival to the property. If there are any roof leaks present, our roofing specialists will take note of the damage and check your attic space for water stains. Afterwards, we'll get on the roof to take pictures and document anything which we think might be a potential problem area.

Exterior Repairs

  • Roof Flashing Repair

  • Siding Repair

  • Soffit Repair

  • Fascia Repair

  • Trim and Cornerboard Repair

Roof Condition Report

Our Roof Condition Report contains detailed pictures of your roof including close-ups of any damage present. Also included is a written report by one of our roofing specialists explaining the best course of action to take with your insurance company if needed.

Gutter Replacement

During the roof inspection, your gutters will be looked at as well. We can tear-off and replace all types and sizes of gutters including K-style, seamless, and custom-made gutters.

Roof Replacement

  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

  • Metal Roof Replacement

  • Cedar Roof Replacement

  • Slate Roof Replacement

  • TPO Roof Replacement

  • Flat Roof Replacement